Travelport Cruise & Tour for Suppliers

Reach more travel buyers... and watch revenues grow

Travel retailers have endless options when searching for leisure travel packages. As a tour or cruise operator, can you afford not to take advantage of every opportunity for exposure to this influential group of travel buyers? If you're looking to reach an audience of travel retailers and grow your revenues, be a part of Travelport Cruise & Tour.

By participating in Travelport Cruise & Tour, you give Galileo and Worldspan travel retailers in the United States and Canada anytime access to your inventory. Travel agents shop your leisure offerings with confidence through a real-time, online connection to your system. Plus, you reduce phone calls and your cost of service as all reservations, pricing, modifications, cancelations and most after-sales service needs are managed by the system.

Benefits and features at a glance:

  • Provide travel agents prompt access to your products through any Internet connection.

  • Extend your reach with distribution to thousands of travel agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Take advantage of Travelport Cruise & Tour online advertising opportunities - one of our many advertising programs that boost supplier sales.

  • Reduce your host system overhead costs - a large number of travel agents can access your system simultaneously, without burdening your system

  • Give agencies instant access to information in your system, eliminating your need to design, print or fax details of new products and special offers

  • See how Travelport Cruise & Tour can help you reach more travel buyers and maximize revenue growth.