Travelport e-Pricing

Accelerate Your Search for Low Fares Worldwide

You're under constant pressure to deliver the lowest, most competitive fares and itinerary options to your clients. Do you need a more powerful shopping solution?

Travelport e-Pricing enables you to instantly shop, compare pricing and book from one of the broadest spectrums of available itineraries and low fares, with one powerful availability request. e-Pricing can search millions of fares and hundreds of thousands of itinerary options - in seconds - and bring those options directly to your desktop.

As one of the most commanding fare shopping and booking solutions for travel agencies worldwide, e-Pricing has what it takes to keep you competitive and your customers satisfied in today's fast-paced environment.

Benefits and features at a glance:

  • Shop Before You Book - use e-Pricing to search for low fares prior to booking an itinerary.

  • Find Lower Fares for a Booked Itinerary - find lowest available fares worldwide for an existing itinerary.

  • Shop Low Fares Based on Multiple Dates or Special Fares - evaluates and returns options to your desktop that are available at a traveler's specified price, and it also searches advertised low fares.

  • Use Flex Shopping Options for More Expansive Itinerary Choices - locate low fares that are based on flexible travel dates or destinations.

  • Search and book low fares with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

  • Shop any combination of fares and availability for a destination.

  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of logging into different systems to find and book optimal choices for travelers.

  • Access domestic and international fares, including published, private, and advertised fares.