Travelport Private Fares

Streamline Fares Processing... Save Time and Money

Is private fares management draining your productivity? Reading contracts can be time-consuming and manually pricing fares can leave you vulnerable to costly data entry errors. Travelport Private Fares is a web-based fares management and distribution solution for the private fares of Travelport-connected retailers, corporations and web sites.

Using the Travelport Agency Private Fares tool, you can easily enter negotiated airline fare contracts directly into Travelport's fare database or mark-up airline private fares that are filed directly. Then you can access millions of fares from various sources with full rule validation, real-time pricing and availability, plus integrated access to your agency's negotiated fare types.

If you're looking for an end-to-end fares management tool to easily manage your negotiated fares contracts with confidence, Travelport Agency Private Fares is the tool for you.

Benefits and features at a glance:

  • Facilitates complex private fares contracts including multi-carrier, multi-class, multi-booking exception codes, complex routings, stopover and transfer restrictions, add-ons, and more.

  • Create standard contracts based on an existing paper contract with an airline or create a Calculated Contract where the private fare is based on a fare that has already been filed by the airline via ATPCO/SITA.

  • Easily determine the net and selling level for all types of private fares.

  • Allow distribution to your own agency branches or external agencies.

  • Support contracts for all standard passenger types.

  • Validate contract rules and data created into ATPCO format.

  • Ensure all options are returned with an integrated display of airline private and public fares.

  • Provide full rule validation for all your fare quoting and shopping needs.