Travelport Rail Distribution Solutions

Expand the Reach of Your Rail Service

Are you struggling to attract more travelers to your rail service? An increasing number of travelers are looking to rail as a viable travel option, providing you with a valuable opportunity to increase bookings for your rail service. Travelport Rail Distribution Solutions provide easy online access to your rail company for travel agencies and corporations worldwide.

Travelport Rail Distribution Solutions put your rail service in front of travel agents and corporate travel buyers, who can then search, price, book and make seat reservations for their clients.

Benefits and features at a glance:

  • Maximizes your company's visibility, bookings and revenues using Travelport as your distribution solution.

  • Provides travel buyers the ability to efficiently request, perform and process bookings on behalf of your mutual customers.

  • Makes it easy for travel agencies and corporate travel buyers to book through our Universal API and advanced booking tools.